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Odilon Redon. The exhibition in Beyeler Foundation


Exhibition of the French painter, engraver, one of the founders of symbolism and "Society of Independent Artists" Odilon Redon (1840-1916) opened on February 2 at the Museum of Art Basel.

Fondation Beyeler presents paintings by Redon, which cover two of his creative period - the "black" and "colored".

"Black Period" is characterized by feelings of anxiety and anguish. Of particular prominence was his drawing of a huge hairy spider with a human face and huge eyes.

After thirty dark period comes suddenly striking change - the artist takes his pastel, watercolor, oil paint and begins to write multi-color pattern, which is dominated by the other subjects and other heroes: flowers, butterflies, woman on a bright background, and others. The artist explains his changes are very subtle: "If the artist's work - it is a song about his life, in addition to black and white sad music, it should sound at least some colorful notes of joy".

With pictures of famous painter Odilon Redon and his grandiose changes in the work, you can detail, please visit the Foundation Beyeler until 18 May 2014.

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Start: 27 November 2013
End: 31 May 2014
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