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Swiss Watchmaking Fair 2013, La Chaux-de-Fonds

Swiss Watchmaking Fair 2013

International Museum of Horology in Switzerland invites you to a unique exhibition hours. Only here you can see the first mechanical device that shows the movement of the planets called Astrarium (Planetarium). This ancient astronomical clock in the 14th century by Giovanni de Dondi. Astrarium is a medieval complex mechanism that combines the functions of a modern planetarium, clock and calendar. 

Collection, presented at the museum also includes solar and musical clocks, water clocks since antiquity, ages 18-19 marine chronometers, watches and atomic clocks of the 20th century. 

Visit a temporary exhibition at the Museum of Neuchatel, which is considered the birthplace of Swiss watchmaking, and estimate the fine work of masters from the Middle Ages to the present day. 

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On October 21, will feature an exhibition of painting on porcelain and glass. About a hundred artists, professionals and art lovers will present more than 1,000 writings, including a hand-painted porcelain, earthenware and glass. Here you can buy favorite exhibitors variety of textures, colors...

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