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Retrospective of Philippe Halsman “Jumpology”, Lausanne


The Swiss Museum D'Elize which is entirely devoted to photography, a temporary exhibition held outstanding photographer and founder of Surrealism in photography Philippe Halsman.

Back in the mid XX century, this American artist invented the concept of "jumpology", which implies a people surveyed jumps. According to the photographer, these pictures are more vibrant and natural, open emotions, absorbing man at the time of the jump.

At the exhibition you will see no less than 300 amazing pictures in the series which includes photos of celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, actress and singer Brigitte Bardot, the brilliant theoretical physicist Albert Einstein, Spanish painter and one of the most famous artists of surrealism of Salvador Dali and many others.

His images are unique, and its "jumpology" is a classic photography.

Visit the "Olympic Capital" of the world and the museum D'Elize to May 11, 2014 and you will certainly get enormous pleasure from the experience and seen fotoshedevrov Philippe Halsman.

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