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Swiss National Museum

Swiss National Museum

The National Museum is located in central Zurich, was opened in 1898, is by far the most important cultural and historical museum in Switzerland.

The exposition of the museum includes many exhibitions, which cover the period from antiquity to the present day. Among the exhibits are stored objects of the Stone Age, Celtic culture, the early Middle Ages. The museum presents a rich collection of evidence of everyday life long ago. This Roman clothes and utensils, furniture and porcelain from different periods. Among other things, you can see the artifacts dating back to the fourth millennium BC.

Popular museum exhibition devoted to the chivalric culture of the Middle Ages, includes a collection of sculptures from wood. There is also an exhibition of arms and armor collection of Swiss watches period from 16 to 18 century, and much more.

The museum tells the history of diversifying the country's development from the very beginning to the present. The permanent exhibitions are regularly updated thematic temporary exhibitions.

The museum is open every day except Monday, from 10 am to 17 pm on Thursdays - up to 19 hours.

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