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The Earth Pyramids of Euseigne

The Earth Pyramids of Euseigne

Near the village Oyzaygne Eremans municipality in the Swiss canton of Valais is a famous relic of the Ice Age - earth pyramids. Age of unique geological formations is about 10 thousand years. Pyramids are the result of the offensive, and later melting glacier. Powerful streams of water and glacial moraine material created from the cone-shaped rocks, resembling sharp teeth that reach 15 meters in height.

Pyramids are a protected natural monument in Switzerland. An interesting feature of earthen pillars - they are protected from the top layers of denser rocks that resemble the hats, for this they are called girls in hats.

You can reach the pyramids from Sion , which is located nearby. From Sion station is the bus route to Arolla, stop Pyramides d`Euseigne. At the entrance to the main road Oyzaygne passes directly through the column pyramids.


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