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Mount Wildstrubel is the main array of the Bernese Alps. Wildstrubel consists of three peaks, approximately equal in size: Wildstrubel, Mittlerer Gipfel, Grossshtrubel. At the foot of the Wildstrubel is the town of Adelboden. Wildstrubel considered the boundary between the cantons of Valais and Bern. 

On the east side of the mountain is steep and steep slopes, and on the south-east they go into a huge glacier, which drains water from the lake Daubenzee. 

Wildstrubel slopes are covered with lush green cover of grass, tall shaggy firs. There are beautiful cozy farmhouse. The air is so clean that you can see the mountain in all its details - sheltered snow summit and the silhouette of the mountains, flecked faults. 

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