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Montebello castle

Montebello castle

Montebello Castle is situated near the Swiss city of Bellinzona. Its present name was recently castle, before it was called Little, New, Middle Castle or Castle of St. Martin.  

The castle is built on a high hill, whose height is 436 meters above sea level. In the past, he served as its residents safe shelter from the attacks of enemies and was surrounded by numerous deep moats. 

In 1903, the Castle of Montebello were carried out extensive restoration work. Today it houses the Civic Museum, which presents unique archaeological finds, everyday objects of the Neolithic, a collection of ancient weapons and rare examples of medieval paintings. 

From Zurich to Belinntsony direct 2 hours to reach by train. From the city center to the castle can be reached by bus or on foot, to move in the direction of Viale Stazione. 


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