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Zurich Opera

Zurich Opera

The famous Zurich Opera House is located on the shore of Lake Zurich. He is known not only in Switzerland but also far beyond its borders. 

The first building of the Zurich Opera House was built in 1834. However, in 1890 the building was completely destroyed by fire, and the company moved to new premises Municipal Theatre, which eventually became known as the Zurich Opera House. 

Impressive luxurious auditorium, which seats 1,200 people. It is one of Europe's best speakers. Heavy curtains, marble columns and the magnificent premises convey to visitors the unique spirit of Wagner's era. The repertoire of the theater has a variety of classic productions and performances staged contemporary directors. 

You can get to the theater by bus number 18, 912, 916, and on trams number 2, 4, 5, 9, 11. Need to go to the station Zürich, Opernhaus. 


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