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Verbier: tracks become closer

Verbier: tracks become closer

In early November, the ski resort of Verbier ski season started 2013 -2014 period. Within two months, gradually begin to operate new and modernized sector. Since December 21, earn new ropeway with Aft cabins, which are connected to the skiing area Les Mayens de Bruson. To transport skiers to the slopes this basic transport in the mountains need only eight minutes. Territory skating is about two kilometers from the center of Verbier. The lift will allow to transport 1,600 passengers per hour and will run for four months. The resort assortment appear separately day ski passes for adults and separately - for toddlers. You can take a six-day pass. 

Verbier - one of the best resorts in Switzerland, the place of the annual international competition freeride. The resort is located in the "4 Valleys", which is one of the biggest ski areas of the world. This ski area in Switzerland is more than 410 kilometers of pistes comfortable, there are trails for flatland riding, you can go deep virgin snow, there is a snow park for snowboarders. Used high-speed lifts, used in artificial snowmaking Bryuzone. Verbier is well suited for both professionals and novices alike enthusiasts.  

Variety of routes, beautiful mountain landscapes, snow-capped peaks, slopes for every taste, forest, a large selection of places to ride, stunning panoramic views - all contributed to the popularity of the resort. The main attractions of this place - a giant glacier Montfort (Mont Fort) height of 3330 meters, beautiful virgin field. On the mountain pass through which the road to Verbier, a beautiful view of the city of Martigny and vineyards dotted hillsides. With cable cars seen Verbier town with rows of houses, very similar to the toy. 

Ski joy complemented bright and noisy evening and night life - restaurants, cafes, bars. Therefore, Verbier is particularly suitable for young people. From the famous Verbier, 50 km away, in the town of Sion, you can rest and recuperation in thermal springs - a swim in the outdoor pool, sauna. 

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