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The Swiss National Park: a hundred years escape from industrialization


There is an only one national park in Switzerland, but what park is it! The miracles of nature in a picturesque area, flora and fauna diversity, elevation changes and changes in climatic zones. This year, the Swiss National Park in the valley of Engadin celebrates its 100-year anniversary. It was founded in Switzerland by Parliament’s resolution on 1 August 1914. It is the oldest national park in Central Europe. Nowadays it is visited by 150 000 people every year. Lots of visitors are expected to come at the anniversary with the slogan “100 years of pure wilderness.”

An old city Zernez will be the centre of the festival. The information office of the park is located in this city. The events will be held not only on 1 August. From 11 July till 16 August, outdoor spectacles with professional and amateur actors are planned. With help of theatrical art, humor and romanticism, spectators will [travel through the historical pictures of the park. The main theme is a person’s aloof from nature, escape from a big city, return to the natural origins. You’ll have opportunity to discover peculiar aspects of folk music of Engadin region, traditional melodies and dances, new music of the area, which was composed in the 1980s. Exhibitions devoted to flora and fauna of the park, to people, who played an outstanding role in its history, will be also held.

It is symbolic that the Swiss National Day is celebrated on the same day with the park’s birthday. On 1 August, the ceremony in Zernez will be broadcast live throughout the country. The folk festival with concerts for children and adults, sports program for children, street art exhibition and fire show will be also held. Tourists will be offered some drinks, light salads and local cuisine.

Magical atmosphere of the festival will hardly leave you indifferent. Visitors will have opportunity to buy a gold coin, which has value of 50 Swiss francs. The coin will be issued for 100-year anniversary of the Park. Souvenirs with the images of the National Park will be also sold.

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