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Suisse Toy 2013, Berne

Suisse Toy 2013

Suisse Toy - Fair toys and computer games, to be held in autumn in Bern for the thirteenth time. It is the largest exhibition of toys in Switzerland, which is a huge assortment of dolls, pyramids, gifts, toys, developmental, and logic games, designers from world famous brands Lego, Playmobil, etc. And for people of advanced age will be interesting occupation interior decorative elements, which are also can be purchased at the fair. 

The show includes more than two hundred exhibits from Switzerland and other countries. The annual event attracts over fifty-five thousand visitors, including not only the kids, but their older siblings, parents and even grandparents. Here you will find a lot of interesting contests and competitions with prizes. 

Play and have fun with the Suisse Toy. 

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